Richard Kramer
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EVERFI Design System


Create a comprehensive Visual Design System from the ground up for EVERFI platform products to enable the products to scale quickly, improve consistency from design to development, and speed up design to release cycles.  


Art Direction / Visual Design

Crafted the visual styles including color palettes, typography, and iconography. Defined UI visual elements including buttons, menus, navigation, and page structure. Identified UI patterns and component interactions. Created design templates and Sketch design libraries for use by the UX team. Documented the design system, created implementation guidelines, and outlined best practices for using components and patterns. Worked closely with front end developers to implement components and patterns into the platform products and services.

Allloy Design System.png

Alloy gives the UX team basic patterns we can build on to fit our needs.

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Alloy allows us to think about building products not pushing pixels.


Alloy is a Product serving the Platform team and making a real impact.